The 'Unseen World' Series

The 'Unseen World' is a continuation of my focus on the environmental problems. We seem to float more on illusions and in most cases merely skim the surface of issues. These are attestations to a world crisis that are more rampant today. It is lack of an in-depth understanding of far-reaching impacts and the consequences of our decisions and actions in general terms. My gaze this time wandered to the soil and what is trapped inside her. Imprisoned materials are exposed by surface erosion, which lent an archaeological semblance to the images, and also a sense of discovery.
The Unseen World series came from the same silent agitations and perceptions of objects around my environment. This impulse, like all else, was difficult to ignore as they constantly caught my attention. There is that sense of fragility and impermanence in the objects, a reflection of transient time, and also of a resurrection. They are a reminder of an evolutionary principle, which is not conscientiously observed by man. The style of shooting is close-up, to give it that massiveness, an exaggeration of scale, conveying a picture of a monumental catastrophe

The Unseen World likewise has many sub-series, including 'Resurrection', 'Surface', 'Carcass', 'Planetarium' and 'Erotica'. The series opens up  constantly, revealing more vistas, as I begin to perceive  more worlds around me which remain unseen to the eyes of the uninitiated .

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Unseen World: 'Resurrection' 
Bird With a Cage (2011)
The Seer (2011)
Anchored (2011)
Departed (2011)
Dogon Remix (2011)
Domestic Violence Type R 2 Zero (2011)
Evil Signs (2011)
Exhumed (2011)
Fused (2011)
Genie Unleashed (2011)
Knotted (2011)
On (2010)
The Necklace of the gods (2011)
Silver Spoons (2011)
Venus De Milo (2011)
Python's Pith (2011)
Unseen World: 'Surface'
Saint Bald-Headed Vulture (2011)
The Witch of Isale Iju (2011)
Soldiers of Fortune (2011)
One More Hungry Mouth (2011)
The Cookie Monster (2012)

Unseen World: 'Carcass'
Frogied (2013)
Pinion (2012)
Ballerina (2011)
The Oracle (2013)
Curly (2012)
Sexy Fingers (2011)
Fish in a Desert (2011)
Webbed in Death (2012)
Genocide of the Mvutu Village (2012)

Unseen World: 'Planetarium'
Constellations (2010)
Collapse of Andromeda Imperial (2011)
Countdown Versuvus (2011)
Dis-Integration Cameo (2010)
Hdramhindra Blasted (2010)
Illuminati (2010)
Paradise Utopia (2011)
Lunar (2010)
Saturn Anchored (2010)
Vasitha (2010)

Unseen World: 'Erotica'
Copulation (2011)
Hard Balls (2011)
Dis-virgined (2011)
The Rise of the Phallus (2011)
6 point 9 (2011)
To see more works and sub-series from this series, contact Charles Okereke here or here.

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